Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Myojo Chukazanmai

Udon are Japanese noodles that can be placed into a broth like base, or a soup base. Many noodles come in packages that include the directions for cooking on the back. The direction come in both English and Japanese but the rest of the nutritional facts are in Japanese. There are so many different flavors including Soy and Sesame flavored noodles. The cooking instructions tend to highlight any time and amounts of additional ingredients that you need to add.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Onsen and Sento

Onsen are public hot tubs. Many people believe think with Onsens you are not allowed to have tattoos, this is a myth. Some Onsens and Sentos have that as a rule but they don't enforce it. The main reason no tattoos are allowed is because of Yakuza (a criminal group in Japan known for his tattoos). There are also Onsens and Sentos that allow tattoos, but if your tattoo is small you should be fine.
Sento are public baths that involve showering and sharing a bath with other people. This experience can be weird yet intriguing to people from a completely different culture because it is new for people to share a bath with others if you aren't used to it. When someone mentions a sento many people think Ghibli's Spirited Away bath house. Though there are some places like that they are very few and they are slowly vanishing from Japan.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maid Cafe - Akihabara


Akihabara is a district in Tokyo based around electronics. It aims to be the largest electronic district in Japan. Behinds its goal at becoming large distributer of electronic goods it is also a major district for Otaku needs, including Maid Cafes and Tokyo's Anime Center. Akihabara is a must see if you are a fan girl or Otaku.
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Mandarake is a store throughout Tokyo mainly that sells second hand Otaku goods. Mangas, Animes, and Dolls are just a few of the products you can find in a Mandarake store. Many of the stores have multiple floors filled with anime and manga of all genres. The stores are packed with everything a fan girl and Otaku could dream of.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney is 15 minutes by train from Tokyo. The Resort is a combination of amusement rides and shows that the crowds can enjoy. Unlike the American Disney Land/ World, Tokyo has presentations in both Japanese and English (YAY). Tokyo Resort is a great place to hang with friends and family.

The Disney Resort includes Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. Both areas are included in any day pass tickets that you buy. Prices range from $74-$160.

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Japanese Marching Band Association and Baton Twirling Association is hosting an International Marching Band competition in 2013.

Marching Band is an activity in which a band moves and march around a football field making images as they perform. Baton Twirlers and Color Guard also participate in the activity.

The 2013 show is taking place from August 7-12 in Chiba.

More information about Japanese Marching and Baton Twirling Association:

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Monday, June 6, 2011

HD - Harajuku, Tokyo 原宿 - 2011

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Harajuku tokyo

Harajuku is a place for inexpensive shopping as well as a range of teenage culture. It is based around Harajuku Station in Japan.

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